People First, Profits Second

People First, Profits Second

Episode Summary

Rebel Leaders. Rejoice. YOUR time is NOW.

Episode Notes

Do you remember the early days in your business life?  The joy and the excitement you had to make a big impact on the world.  YOU.  Were going to change a whole bunch of things.  Remember that?  

And then LIFE happened.  

As your career took off or your business ideas took hold, that joy and excitement gave way to a feeling of unease and unrest.  Especially when it came to deliverying more profits.  And managing more projects.  And leading more people.  And that dream of making a big impact on the world, well it faded a bit, didn’t it? 

But a piece of you still believes.  And you aren’t quite sure what you need to do, except you need to do something.  And deep down in your gut, you still believe.  There’s gotta be a better way, right?  There is.  People First, Profits Second.


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